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I'm an 20 year old girl with far too much time on her hands.
I like to make totally awesome shitty jokes,
and think dead things are cool.

My Patron Troll is Aradia Megido,
and my Troll based off of the quiz is.. Aradia Megido.

My god tier quiz results are Maid of Time,
and I'm a Derse Dreamer - Trust me, I took both tests twice.

My chumHandle is aimlessAscendant.

I play Homestuck, occasionally draw,
and do tons of other stupid shit on the internet..
When I'm not being an awesome Mom.

I am a mother to a little Taurus grub since May 11th and his name is Anieran.

My son is 1 year old. And awesome.

My cosplay page is

I fucking love cats. And David Bowie.


How I feel about mornings.

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Winter sore throat “tea”- In a jar combine lemon slices, organic honey and sliced ginger. Close jar and put it in the fridge, it will form into a “jelly”. To serve- spoon jelly into mug and pour boiling water over it. Store in fridge 2-3 months.

Reblogging this in case any of you little jelly beans get sick (◡‿◡✿)

Just wanted to add that this works for more than just sore throats. It does wonders for cramps and hangovers and general ickiness as well!


american sex ed

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This is like a round of cards against humanity

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maybe I fucking will 

Anonymous said: I'm confused as to what is happening in Scotland? What's this about?


ok so basically we had a referendum vote to see if we wanted independence
for a while it was really close and people were pretty much 50/50 on the decision
the votes came in at about 45% for yes and 55% for no
there was a lot of media bias by the bbc for the no campaign tbh
and nows there a few videos of whats to be believed people rigging the vote

now in glasgow unionists are rioting and targeting yes voters and doing nazi salutes and burning saltires
theres a chance it could escalate and spread to other towns as well
basically look at the stuff we’re reblogging and try educating yourself and please signal boost what is happening!!


this is fucking terrifying

this is not the scotland we want

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do not shut up about the rioting going on in scotland rn the media is not reporting shit about it so we have to make this known ourselves 

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there are people who havent seen the comic that inspired sweet bro and hella jeff and thats sad


Ohhhh my GODDDDD

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